At your barbecue!
There is still time to enjoy summer on the barbecue, I invite you to fill your coolers with a very fresh Clos Genévaz 2019.
This vintage with perfect balance is, for the occasion,A vos barbecue !

à Fr.140.-the 15 bottles 50cl instead of Fr. 153.-

And while waiting for the embers to be ready, be sure to chamber at least an hour in advance the essential Renardeau, blend of diolinoir, gamaret, garanoir aged in oak barrels, perfect to accompany your grilled Swiss meats!

In addition to the usual packaging, this blend is presented to you this year in the form of “Vertical” (1) for the 3 vintages 2016-2017-2018, ie

Fr. 75.- for 3 bottles instead of Fr. 87.-


Here is what to embellish your outdoor grills !
Do not hesitate to send me your oenological observations and your food and wine pairings by email or to visit me from June 4 to 6 at the Corto cellar in Grandvaux.
Otherwise note that the deliveries remain free.

(1) "Vertical":

tasting that begins with the oldest vintage (year) to the most recent. Ideal for understanding the characteristics specific to each vintage of the same wine. Let yourself be charmed by the vintage that will please you.